Terrorism: Twitter suspended 235,000 accounts on the last six months

The social network Twitter has suspended 235,000 accounts since mid-February 2016. This brings to 360,000 the number of accounts to terrorists contents deleted by the social network since mid-2015.

The “digital cleansing” continues. As part of its fight against publications that promote terrorism, the US social network Twitter announced Thursday, August 18 had suspended 235,000 accounts over the last six months of 2016. This brings the total accounts 360,000 to terrorist content via Twitter suspended since mid-2015.

The rules for using American social network prohibit violent threats and promoting terrorism. Twitter was displayed in February its willingness to intensify its efforts to implement them, thus showing that he was not idle face to government calls to curb jihadist propaganda on the Internet.

“The work is not over”

“Daily suspensions are up 80% compared to last year, with peaks of suspensions immediately following the terrorist attacks”that have multiplied in recent months, said Twitter in the message released Thursday on its official blog.

While acknowledging that the work is “not over” the social network said : “Our efforts continue to have significant results, including a significant shift of this type of activity outside of Twitter.”

Twitter also said to have improved the time to suspend accounts that are reported to them and how long they remain active on its network. These actions reduce greatly the number of subscribers that the accounts can accumulate and prevent immediate re-create an account on its platform.